Bonus Episode - Dirt After Dark 3: Yes We Cannibal!

This month, we're sinking our teeth into a topic sufficiently spooky for Halloween: cannibalism! What makes a person eat a person? How can archaeologists tell whether a person was cannibalized? Where has evidence of cannibalism been found? Why does Amber sound suspiciously enthusiastic about this topic? All this and more! 

Content warning— younger listeners and those with delicate stomachs may want to skip this episode.

If you’d like to learn more, we suggest you start with:

Neandertal cannibalism and Neandertal bones used as tools in Northern Europe (Nature)

Evidence of Cannibalism: Did Neanderthals Eat Each Other? (Live Science)

The caves that prove Neanderthals were cannibals (

Cochinita pibil (not made from people) (Explorando México)

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