Every Sunday on The Dirt, Anna and Amber bring you exciting stories all about the weird, amazing, mysterious, and fascinating human past we all share!

Over here at The Dirt, our curiosity never quits when it comes to the human story! Whether it’s eerie happenings or early hominins, there’s always a great story to tell, all with the “adorable rapport” for which our listeners love us. We’re new, but mighty, and already enjoy an average of nearly 3k downloads per month! We showcase stories and sites from all over the world and all periods of time; check out the who, what, and when of The Dirt at the map below.

Anna and Amber of The Dirt talk about archaeology and anthropology with adorable rapport and hilarious commentary, as well as complete and detailed information. In about 45 minutes, they track a particular subject through ancient history, like the position of cats in ancient cultures or different kinds of curses. Anna and Amber break down myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings with nuance and care and usually, a lot of puns.
— "11 History Podcasts to Decide If the Past was Any Good," DiscoverPods Magazine

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Important and hilarious: I am constantly amazed at the nuance and thoughtful understanding of human history Amber and Anna manage to deliver in the guise of hilarious, quirky banter. If you like learning new things, fascinating stories, or laughing, this podcast is for you. Seriously it’s so entertaining.
— Erica, Apple Podcasts
I enthusiastically recommend this podcast! These women are clever, highly educated, brilliant communicators, and very funny! The information conveyed is fascinating, and explained in a way that makes me feel like a colleague (not the durdur that I probably am in comparison). Their nerdy, witty humor is right up my alley, and I laugh out loud often. Love The Dirt!
— heakeagoe, Apple Podcasts
Informative, fun, certainly knowledgeable hosts. Intriguing stories and you should tell your friends, especially if they have a curious mind in need of anthro-archaeo related stories.
— Carla, Facebook
I LOVE the Dirt! Anna and Amber are smart, entertaining, and a joy to listen to—I learn something new every episode and it just makes me super happy. Anthropology and archeology are endlessly fascinating and The Dirt does a super job sharing it with the world. Go listen to it now! 😁
— Lisa, Facebook

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