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Dirt After Dark 6 - Ancient Aliens Are Neither Ancient Nor Alien: Discuss

Were the pyramids the work of extraterrestrials? No, of course they weren't, but why do some people and internet memes seem to think otherwise? Turns out there's a simple answer and a more complex answer, and Anna and Amber get into all of it in this special bonus excerpt from Dirt After Dark.

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Bonus Episode - Dirt After Dark 3: Yes We Cannibal!

Over on Dirt After Dark this month, we sunk our teeth into the sufficiently spooky topic of cannibalism, and we're sharing some of it with the main feed! What makes a person eat a person? How can archaeologists tell whether a person was cannibalized? Where has evidence of cannibalism been found? Why does Amber sound suspiciously enthusiastic about this topic? All this and more! 

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Bonus Episode - Deep Cuts 4: The Columbus Day "Special"

In recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, let's talk about the Taíno population of the Caribbean islands who first encountered Christopher Columbus in the fifteenth century, and the metamorphosis of Taíno identity from contact with Europeans through today.

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