Episode 22 - Thanksviking!

This week, Anna and Amber have a Thing*: it’s an episode all about the Viking Age! Sail with us through an exploration of life during the Viking Age. We talk about the ships they sailed, the food they ate, and the helmets they DIDN'T wear. Plus, some very experimental archaeology, and Amber learns how the salami is made...and nothing will ever be the same.

*Thing: An Old Norse word for an assembly of people convened for decision-making. Pronounced “ting.”

To learn more, check out:

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Something rotten in Scandinavia : The world's earliest evidence of fermentation (Journal of Archaeological Science)
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*Remember “thing” from our Mythconceptions episode?

Photo credit: Carved dragonhead from the Oseberg burial mound (Photo by: Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo / Eirik Irgens Johnsen