Help us achieve our goals! 

The Dirt is only possible because of our incredible donors--your generosity and support keep us online and sharing stories. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the positive reception the show has gotten so far, and we want to share more about where further support will take us. Thank you for coming with us as we grow; check out some of the things we have up our sleeves!

Check out the Annual Meeting program  here !

Check out the Annual Meeting program here!

Conferences & Outreach 

This November, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) will meet in San Jose, CA, and The Dirt wants to be a part of the action. AAA is the world's largest association of professional anthropologists, with its ranks exceeding 10,000 people, and we're pretty sure some of them have some amazing stories to share. Attending AAA will give us a chance to promote The Dirt recruit potential Very Special Guests from the other anthropology subfields (biological, linguistic, and socio-cultural), but that's not the only reason why we are going to San Jose. We are currently planning a multimedia series highlighting anthropologists in all their diversity: Who are the humans that study humans? Our first participants will be at AAA, and we hope that this November's meeting will be the first of many academic and professional conferences we will have the good fortune of attending. 

If you've considered supporting The Dirt but are hesitant to make a monthly commitment on Patreon, you can make a one-time donation of any amount. Now is the perfect time to do just that! Every little bit helps as we work to subsidize our travel to make this project happen. 

And what's more, there are special thank you gifts for donating to The Dirt! For a one-time donation of $10, Anna or Amber will write and send you a custom limerick on a theme of your choice! For a donation of $25, Anna will draw and send you a cartoon of a scene of your choice! For a donation of $50, Anna will draw you as the archaeologist of your choice! In the message window when making a donation, provide a mailing address, the details of your chosen gift (and a reference photo if you've chosen a custom portrait), and VOILA! Approximately two to three weeks later, a work of original poetry or art all your own will appear in your mailbox like magic. 

Anthropologues at AAA
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Live Shows! 

Did you know your hosts live 2,500 miles apart? Sadly, we do, but we don't want that to keep us from seeing one another-- and all of you! We want to take The Dirt on the road as early as next summer, beginning with shows in Boston and San Francisco. For an all-ages, early show we'll share tales of local archaeological adventures, but we also have some salacious stories for the 21+ crowd at Dirt After Dark late shows. There will be meet-ups, there will be Very Special Guests, there will be merch, and with your support, there will be our very own Victorian mummy* unwrapping party with your beloved hosts serving as your guides.


*Not a real mummy, that would be terrible. 

Boston Live Show - Summer 2019
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Boston & San Francisco Live Shows - Summer 2019
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See your hosts (artist's rendering) in three dimensions!

See your hosts (artist's rendering) in three dimensions!


Accessibility & Back Catalogs 

We chose podcasting specifically because of its ability to bring stories to new audiences, but audio is not an option for everyone. It is important to us that those with hearing impairment or who process information differently also have an opportunity to get down in The Dirt. One of our key goals is to pay for audio transcription, so that we can share our shows in a text format and reach more people. Additionally, consistent support will make it possible to increase the total number of premium shows from our back catalog that are e-vailable on our store for individual purchase at any time. 

Live Shows, Transcription & 6 Months Back Catalog
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